Thursday, 1 August 2013

A broken dog and a tattoo lady

I'm in a good flow at the moment, making plates and letting them dry while I paint and fire other pieces.  My left hand dog mould is nearly ready so I will be able to make pairs very soon. 

My tattoo lady isn't quite finished but I'm feeling particularly pleased with her, it's very easy for me to go a little too far though so I'm taking a breather from her while I work out what I want to put around the base. 

This dear little girl was another failure in the kiln, her little front chest piece dropped completely off, she has been living on my windowsill for a long time with no glaze on her.  She is such a nice little shape I decided to make a feature of the broken piece.


  1. wow
    Your tattoo kitty is brilliant. Especially love the indignant look on the face of the black kitty. Do you have cats yourself as you really do seem to capture that absolute look of authority?
    This looked quite a big piece? How big was it?

  2. Not too big about 25cm high. I love cats so much I stop and chat to random ones in the street!