Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What would you do if you joined the circus?

Has anyone ever heard of Giffords Circus?  If not then you have been missing out on a real treat for the eyes and ears.  I was lucky enough to be treated to a ticket for my birthday and i'm already planning on going back to see it again.  Its not like any circus I've seen before, it was more like a theatrical production from the start to the end it was an absolute delight of dancing gypsies, acrobats, clowns, magicians and bears.  Horses and ponies pranced with beautifully arched necks and light feet, a singing dog made a few appearances and the best performances of all came from the 2 clowns, Tweedy and Nancy Trotter-Landry, and the amazing live band that fiddled and drummed all the way through.  Fantastical costumes had been made, from the ring mistress down to the ladies that showed you the seats everyone and everything there was in keeping.  It was a little "Big Top" with everyone not being more than a few metres from the action and oh what a joy it was.  We all left that place thinking "What could I do if I joined the Circus?"

Small rearing horses have already started to appear in my work and 2 little cats called Bibi and Bichu have appeared on one of my bucket vases, will post when fired.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Hello Beautiful

3 Funny little jugs

I've just made 3 funny little coil pot jugs which I've dipped in some blue slip.  I've drawn some garden pictures on them with a needle so when they are fired the blue will be dark and the white clay underneath will show through as the line, this technique is called scraffitto and i'm hoping  I can get a more intense layering of colour on my pots this way. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A broken dog and a tattoo lady

I'm in a good flow at the moment, making plates and letting them dry while I paint and fire other pieces.  My left hand dog mould is nearly ready so I will be able to make pairs very soon. 

My tattoo lady isn't quite finished but I'm feeling particularly pleased with her, it's very easy for me to go a little too far though so I'm taking a breather from her while I work out what I want to put around the base. 

This dear little girl was another failure in the kiln, her little front chest piece dropped completely off, she has been living on my windowsill for a long time with no glaze on her.  She is such a nice little shape I decided to make a feature of the broken piece.