Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bloomin Brilliant Bovey.

Hurrah, back home again at last and trying to stop buzzing from fun and frolics at Bovey, it was brilllliiaaaannnt.  Thank you Richard Foot for this lovely photo, and thank you Helen Foot for being a brilliant neighbour over the weekend.  Well the new work was well received so much so I've come away with a couple of big orders and lots of interest from galleries, so no sooner has the kiln cooled down it's gonna be back on again churning out the old cats and dogs.  I've just popped a few things in the Etsy shop so please have a look.  The shop is nearly done, so if you would like to visit then please send me an email or contact us on our facebook page to find out opening times. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Last minute prep

It's been a bit crazy lately, what with trying to open the shop and getting ready for bovey, unfortunately I had quite a few failures in the kiln but I think I have enough stuff for tomorrow, well its too late now anyway.  Hopefully the shop will be open next week, and please if you are visiting Bovey come and visit me on stand c21.