Thursday, 21 March 2013

Euuggghhh ill :{

I've been ill since last Thursday and quite frankly i'm sick of it.  Just a cold and a cough but possibly the most horrendous cold and cough i've ever had.  Just when i think there couldn't be an ounce of liquid snot left in my body i start hacking again and up it comes.  My ears are gone from all the nose blowing my throat has gone from all the coughing my brain has gone because it's just had enough of  all the noise.  Anyhow this is not all by the by as i believe it is connected to the next bit of exciting news i'm going tell.  It has been rumbling on for a few months now and i've been getting my knickers in a bit of a twist over it but finally after all the waiting  i can announce that me and my friend Melly will be opening a workshop/gallery in our little white town of Bideford.  I had to give a presentation of ideas to Bideford Town Council and it coincedentally happens that that is the day when my sickness started to show.  Anyhow i don't have any photos to show you of the workshop as i have not manged to get up there yet but we are hoping to be open by mid april. 
I just thought i would post this picture of Charlotte Mei's work, She is a london based illustrator and makes these delicious ceramics.

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