Friday, 21 October 2011

I love frasier

I've become slightly obsessed with Frasier because they've been replaying it in the mornings it has filled my "Scrubs" void, i am often late for work because i will sit and watch a whole episode rather than get ready. I made this because of the wonderful quote from Niles. I've gone to close to the edge though so i'm not sure if i'll get it framed. Got to go and see the fish man before he finishes for the day.

New Card

Its been out there for a little while but i thought i better pull my finger out and try and flog some more for those kind people at Artists' Cards, so please implore your local art gallery/card shop to get this in! If they sell enough then they will print another, so no pressure. In the meantime if it is not possible for you to bully your local retailer into buying a few hundred then you can buy them from me. £1.50 a card or £6 for a pack of 5 (p&p is free).

Christmas is coming and the cat has gotten fat.

Long time no type, but i've been looking after my baby and cat and have had a period of creative drought, so i hope you can forgive me and let me know what you think of my new project.......

It started out as a simple task, to design and make Christmas decorations for the Burton Art Gallery & Museum Shop (please like our page), so i've been mulling it over in my mind for a few weeks. We had a delivery of logs and i always find great satisfaction in piling them up with the round loggy bit facing out, a new Angie Lewin book arrived in the gallery shop which is absoloutely beautiful and i started noticing the dried seed heads of various wild plants in the hedgerows. These 3 factors combined have driven me to produce these....

I think i just discovered why the cat is growing fatter at an alarming rate. Note to self, do not leave plates or cups on the floor.