Sunday, 18 July 2010

darwin deez - radar detector (official video)

I love this song and video, im not sure if his hair is for real, im intrigued.

Christine Lindo

I've got 4 pieces of work on display in the Westward Ho! and Bideford Art Society annual summer exhibtion. Its a really interesting show of local people's work. My mum is exhibiting too, she will be taking part in the Devon Open Studios as well in September. Shes a collage artist, she makes her pictures from cut up pieces of magazines.
Real Nappies have been on my mind lately, I decided to get some and give it a go, but when i started looking i realised what a nappy minefield i was in. Pockets, wraps, bamboo and hemp inserts, aplix or poppers, what on earth does all this jargon mean?? Also the brands a tots bots bamboozle or a organic, a bum genius or a wonderoo? I've spent many hours this week perusing nappy websites and in the end i decided to bite the biscuit and buy some bum genius pocket nappies, only once i had done this i realised i'd purchased the V3 and the V4 will shortly be with us, AGGGHHHHHH!!! Don't ask me the difference between V3 and V4. Why are they so expensive? All it is, is a bit of fabric why can they cost up to £20 for 1 nappy??? If anyone can recommend a nappy then all help is muchly appreciated.
Also Dot Dot is crawling. Its amazing how fast they learn, one day she wasn't the next she was. Our house is danger central, everywhere i look i see another accident waiting to happen, i can't even leave her for 2 minutes to go the loo unless i barricade her in somewhere. I found her the other day swinging the paint scraper around and chewing on a bit of old wallpaper. I've not been being to creative lately but would like to go to the art school and do an evening class in ceramics. I was looking at the Reg Lloyd collection in the Burton the other day and felt totally inspired to go and make some sgraffito pots and staffordshire dogs.