Friday, 25 June 2010

Changing rooms

So this is how we're living at the moment, not very inspiring, almost depressing. I get these moments at the beginning of a project, when I think this will be easy, in a couple of weeks it will be done and dusted and we'll be living in a palace! I ripped off all the wallpaper and then i started chipping away at the artex on the ceiling. Halfway through i realised what a mammoth task i had undertaken and suddenly thought, "I should have finished some of the other rooms before i started this". If only i could just paint it, Bill who is usually right says we must fill and sand every wall, even the ceiling! So yes this is pretty much the state of the whole house at the moment, not one room finished. I will keep you posted on any major changes ( I wish). Just thought i'd show you this picture. The words are from a song by the Be Good Tanyas. Blue Horse is one of those albums you can keep coming back to and it never gets old.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My sailors left me.

We have just arrived home from the craft mecca of Devon, that is Bovey Tracey. What a wonderful weekend, an amazing show and lots of lovely people to boot. Its so good to meet people that appreciate the work and to have talked about myself for 3 solid days! My ego has been nicely plumped. As you can see i was going for the front room vibe with my stand which i think worked but could of done with one extra birdy to go on the small wall.

This little guy was one of my newest pictures and i was feeling particularly happy about this piece, quite a few people showed an interest in it and it went to the lovely rachel eardley in the end I'm gonna miss that guy hopefull we'll meet again in the back of a riot van with you swinging from the wall. It has inspired me to go on and explore our maritime heritage that we have here in Bideford and have a good look at sea shanties and poems, the world is my oyster!

Monday, 14 June 2010