Friday, 7 May 2010

What a joy to be a mum.

Ok, so i mean it this time, I will write my blog once a week. I'd gotten behind because this happened.

But now we're in a routine and shes tucked up in bed by 7.30 it gives me back some time to catch up on things. So this is the first time in 5 months that i've looked at it and its still here and i have SEVEN followers! I can't believe that i have 7 people interested in my thinkings so this is for you 7 (if you're still out there).

What a joy to be a mum. People always tell you about the bad stuff, the hideous labour and birth, the sleepless nights, no time to yourself, which is all very true but in return for these bad things you are given something so special, beautiful and precious it can't be put into words. It is also another character to inspire new pictures! I am currently working on a piece called "my tiny hands" which pretty much does as it says. Will post when finished.

Oh and before you call social services i would just like to add that my husband used to be an acrobat in the circus and there is a safety net (just outside of the picture).


  1. Oh Vicky she is just gorgeous. I have wondered if you had a little boy or a little girl. I completely understand why you haven't been blogging, I don't think I managed to brush my hair for 6 months let alone blog!
    My little bird picture is sitting happily in the kitchen of our new house. It makes me very happy.
    I've been meaning to email you to tell you that Donna is having another open house the week after next. Would be great to see you and the baby there. What name did you choose in the end? L x

  2. yes, I'm still here - what a lovely bundle of joy - make the most of it!!!

  3. Vicky, Here and looking forward to your posts, looks like you are all having great fun, and that's what life is all about. x