Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some new pictures for Laura and Sara

Here are some pictures for you ladies that have asked ever so politely to see, and i'm sorry that i'm always a bit sheepish about sharing and showing but i don't take compliments well and just get a bit overwhelmed when people are actually interested in what i do. So i guess this blog is a bit like therapy for me because it makes me sit down and tell you people about my pictures and i do find it quite hard. So the first is called Bucket Tree. When we were in Dorset we visited a beach (can't remember which one now) and there was a house right next to the beach and in the garden was a big tree where they had hung all the left over buckets and spades from the beach. It was so lovely and somewhere on my computer i have the photo which i can't for the life of me find, but you'll just have to take my word because it was far more beautiful then my picture could portray and such a lovely sight. A big green bushy tree full with bright pinks, blues and yellows.

Apologies for bad photos. This is one of my favourite quotes which i use quite a lot its such a lovely sentiment. I particularly like this one because i started it when i was quite heavily pregnant and its all pinks and blues ( I didn't know if i was having a girl or a boy). The tree trunk and branch material was bought from Donna's open house see her website here http://www.donnaflower.com/

These pictures used to be one long one, and have been on the go for quite a while (at least 2 years). Not that i've been sewing them for 2 years, they get started and then if i get stuck i put them away in a cupboard then a few weeks or months later i'll look at them again, well this went on forever and i was never happy with it. After what seemed like my 90th attempt at this picture i threw it down in a strop, Bill asked what the matter was and i told him and then he quite simply said "why don't you cut it in half?" So now this one picture is in two and they are living in separate frames, so no sound will get through now. These two pictures should be hung together but maybe at different heights or one creeping around a corner.


  1. Oh Vicky I love them all, but especially the bucket tree. It's very magical and makes me think of Enid Blyton.
    It was so lovely to see you the other day and the beautiful Dorothy. She really is a very wonderful baby, so calm and happy. I loved cuddling her. It made me remember when Hector and Rosa were small. Looking forward to seeing these in the flesh, but I suspect by the Saturday they will be long gone. SOB! Thanks for sharing them here.
    Love Laura x

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work at Bovey!
    Sue V x

  3. oh sweet beautiful quiet embroideries I love them so... I am recently getting back into my own creative flow after being immersed in motherhood! Great to see your work...thank you for sharing!
    best wishes Amy

  4. I loved seeing the pictures at Bovey, they are really wonderful in 'real true life'. I didn't know you had cut the cat picture in half. I remember doing the same to one of my applique pictures, removing the top half of the picture, which would not work and then magically it was so much better!

    Lovely to see you and that beautiful Dolly too x

  5. I am loving your work! I remember seeing a piece in the Hybrid Gallery in Honiton, and have recently been bludgeoning my brains to remember it - something about every twig in a bird's nest being curved around its heart... or somesuch... please could you put me out of my misery? (By telling me the quote. Not by killing me.)



    1. Hello Katharine, I finally found it in an old sketch book it goes like this

      "There is not one of these blades of grass that in order to make it curve and hold the curve, has not been pressed on countless times by the bird's brest, its heart." I didn't write down who's quote it was I seem to remember it was some French geezer. I love the French, so poetic.