Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some new pictures for Laura and Sara

Here are some pictures for you ladies that have asked ever so politely to see, and i'm sorry that i'm always a bit sheepish about sharing and showing but i don't take compliments well and just get a bit overwhelmed when people are actually interested in what i do. So i guess this blog is a bit like therapy for me because it makes me sit down and tell you people about my pictures and i do find it quite hard. So the first is called Bucket Tree. When we were in Dorset we visited a beach (can't remember which one now) and there was a house right next to the beach and in the garden was a big tree where they had hung all the left over buckets and spades from the beach. It was so lovely and somewhere on my computer i have the photo which i can't for the life of me find, but you'll just have to take my word because it was far more beautiful then my picture could portray and such a lovely sight. A big green bushy tree full with bright pinks, blues and yellows.

Apologies for bad photos. This is one of my favourite quotes which i use quite a lot its such a lovely sentiment. I particularly like this one because i started it when i was quite heavily pregnant and its all pinks and blues ( I didn't know if i was having a girl or a boy). The tree trunk and branch material was bought from Donna's open house see her website here http://www.donnaflower.com/

These pictures used to be one long one, and have been on the go for quite a while (at least 2 years). Not that i've been sewing them for 2 years, they get started and then if i get stuck i put them away in a cupboard then a few weeks or months later i'll look at them again, well this went on forever and i was never happy with it. After what seemed like my 90th attempt at this picture i threw it down in a strop, Bill asked what the matter was and i told him and then he quite simply said "why don't you cut it in half?" So now this one picture is in two and they are living in separate frames, so no sound will get through now. These two pictures should be hung together but maybe at different heights or one creeping around a corner.

Bovey here we come.

I'm at that waiting stage now where i can't make anymore pictures because i haven't got time to get them framed so im filling my spare time making small brooches and baby cats. Here are some i'm working on at the moment. Im feeling particularly pleased about the yellow badge at the top, i acquired the fabric from a charity shop in south molton, its only a very small scrap so i might keep this one for myself. Please join the crafts at Bovey Tracey facebook page www.craftsatboveytracey.co.uk

Sunday, 23 May 2010

PVs for Bovey Tracey

Hello, i know these photos don't really have anything to do with Bovey Tracey but it was such a beautiful day yesterday that i had to post our visit to the beach. I have 2 spare private view invites for Thursday June 10th from 6 - 9 pm if anyone would like them, please leave a message on the comments.

Monday, 10 May 2010

My friend john

My friend John is a woodcarver and has just opened a gallery in Butchers Row, Bideford. He makes the most wonderful funny sculptures based on observations of human life, bideford is full of strange people, he's never short of ideas. Look at his website here http://www.johnbutlerwoodcarver.co.uk/

We are taking part in Devon Open Studios this september, he's letting me show my pictures alongside his wood carvings in his gallery. Please come and visit us from september 4th to the 19th. http://http//www.devonartistnetwork.co.uk/AboutDOS

Tattoed couple


Chinese riders.

Friday, 7 May 2010

What a joy to be a mum.

Ok, so i mean it this time, I will write my blog once a week. I'd gotten behind because this happened.

But now we're in a routine and shes tucked up in bed by 7.30 it gives me back some time to catch up on things. So this is the first time in 5 months that i've looked at it and its still here and i have SEVEN followers! I can't believe that i have 7 people interested in my thinkings so this is for you 7 (if you're still out there).

What a joy to be a mum. People always tell you about the bad stuff, the hideous labour and birth, the sleepless nights, no time to yourself, which is all very true but in return for these bad things you are given something so special, beautiful and precious it can't be put into words. It is also another character to inspire new pictures! I am currently working on a piece called "my tiny hands" which pretty much does as it says. Will post when finished.

Oh and before you call social services i would just like to add that my husband used to be an acrobat in the circus and there is a safety net (just outside of the picture).