Thursday, 29 October 2009

We're up and running again!

I've been so tardy, first of all we went on holiday and then we moved house, our broadband has only just been reconnected and so i'm back and trying to update my blog. We had an amazing holiday in Dorset, but had to come home early so that we could move house. Slightly stressful but all seems like a distant memory now.


  1. must go have a look at your website now....beautiful work , you must'nt have done the irish knitting and stiching show last weekend , i'm sure i'd have remembered seeing your work . please keep blogging.

  2. I love your embroideries!
    I saw it on kickcan and conkers blog.. I'm a textile artist too and get excited when i see funny, lovely embroideries! hope to see more...!

  3. hi vicky,

    we just discovered that you have a blog so we thought we would say hi and hope you are well.

    sammy & glenn